machine learning in a nutshell free mini-course

Machine Learning in a Nutshell

This FREE mini-course provides a brief and intuitive introduction to the fascinating world of machine learning.

In less than 1 hour, you will learn fundamental machine learning concepts:

Supervised learning

The decision tree algorithm



The random forest algorithm

This mini-course is designed for you to decide if Dave on Data training in machine learning is right for you.

The upcoming full version of this course - "Introduction to Machine Learning With R" - will be launching February 2021.

By enrolling in this course, and opting-in for emails, you will receive a discount coupon for 20% off "Introduction to Machine Learning With R" via email.

Machine learning with R.

You've got this if you want it.

Your Instructor

Greetings! My name is Dave Langer and I am the instructor for Dave on Data.

I'm a hands-on analytics professional, having used my skills with Excel, SQL, and R to craft insights and shape company strategy.

I'm also a skilled educator, having trained 100s of working professionals during my time at Data Science Dojo and through my current work with Dave on Data and TDWI.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a coding background. Is this course for me?
Yes, this course is specifically for you! Don't be scared by the "R" symbol in the course image. There's no code in this mini-course.

Why did you create this mini-course?
While the daily practice of business analytics isn't heavily machine learning-focused, skills with machine learning are most definitely part of the 20% of analytics that drive 80% of ROI.

This course was created for you to decide if acquiring machine learning skills with Dave on Data is right for you.

OK, machine learning training with Dave on Data is right for me. Are there any discounts available?
Yes! Enroll in this course and opt-in for emails to receive a 20% discount coupon for "Introduction to Machine Learning with R" before the February 2021 launch.

There will also be a 30% discount code for students that have previously purchased "R Programming Made Easy" and have opted-in for emails.

I have never coded before. What do I do?
No worries, Dave on Dave's mission is to enable ANY professional to acquire valuable data analysis skills.

All you need to learn R programming are Excel skills, the desire to learn, and the "R Programming Made Easy" course!

Will I need to buy any software?
No software purchase is needed for this mini-course.