why r programming is easy

Why R Programming is Easy

This 1-hour free mini-course provides a brief overview of why your skills with Excel can make learning R programming fun and easy.

The techniques covered in this mini-course are not theory. They have been successfully used to train 100s of working professionals programming languages like R and SQL.

If you are a professional intersted in unlocking advanced analytics in your work, why not take an hour and see how attainable it can be?

As a thank you for enrolling in this mini-course, you will receive a $50 discount code via email newsletter for the upcoming full version of this mini-course - "R Programming Made Easy".

NOTE - When enrolling in the mini-course you must agree to receive emails to get the discount code.

R programming.

You've got this if you want it.

Your Instructor

Greetings! My name is Dave Langer and I am the instructor for Dave on Data.

I'm a hands-on analytics professional, having used my skills with Excel, SQL, and R to craft insights and shape company strategy.

I'm also a skilled educator, having trained 100s of working professionals during my time at Data Science Dojo and through my current work with Dave on Data and TDWI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my $50 discount code?
By enrolling in this mini-course you will be added to the upcoming full course email newsletter. Close to launch of the full course, you will receive the discount code via the newsletter.

NOTE - When enrolling in the mini-course you must agree to receive emails to get the discount code.

When will the full course launch?
The full version of this course - "R Programming Made Easy" - will launch mid-November 2020.

Do I need to be an Excel expert to take this mini-course?
Absolutely not! If you know how to use Excel tables, pivot tables, charts, and common Excel functions (e.g., SUM), you are good to go. No fancy Excel needed.

Will I need to buy any software?
No software is needed for this mini-course. For the upcoming full course, R is open source and free. In fact, you don't even need Excel for the full course, just R.

If I never coded before, will I be lost?
Both the mini-course and the upcoming full course are specifically designed for professionals with no coding experience. Honestly, you've got this if you want it!