Be a Part of the Data-Driven Future of Business.

Learn data analysis, R programming, and machine learning.

Your Microsoft Excel skills will unlock a world of advanced analytics.

Do you believe the future of your profession will be data-driven?

Would you have more impact at work if you could use data effectively?

Do you think your lack of math/programming skills will hold you back?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions ☝, then Dave on Data courses are designed for you.

The Dave on Data teaching method has been battle-tested via live classroom training with 100s of working professionals from all manner of roles and backgrounds.


The Dave on Data philosophy is to let the content to speak for itself.

Check out the videos 👇.

You've got this if you want it.

Introduction to Business Analysis With Excel

Learn data analysis skills used by Facebook data scientists!

All you need are basic Excel skills and this course will teach you how conduct sophisticated data analyses.

Interested in learning more? Check out Introduction to Business Analysis With Excel.

"I've just completed Dave's Introduction to Business Analysis with Excel course. I found it hugely enjoyable, engaging and well paced. I learnt a lot of useful concepts which crucially I found I could relate to very well thanks to the courses use of Excel as a vehicle for teaching the ideas.

I would highly recommend Dave's material to anyone looking for a suitable launching pad into learning Data Analytics. I've tried many different platforms over the last few years, including the big MOOC platforms like Edx and Coursera and I've found Dave On Data to be by far the best for my purposes. I would also recommend you check out his YouTube channel."

- Ian Harpin

"I am dual qualified as an engineer and teacher. I used SPC extensively when I was a semiconductor engineer previously. In an age of Power BI dashboards, it seems that using Excel to create process control charts are obsolete. Then Dave came along. 

He was able to explain in a very lucid way how Excel and the humble line chart can be supercharged. I was totally glued to the screen and hung on to every word. I understood how the past could be brought to the present. Not only that, I am now inspired to read more about the maths behind the charts. This topic is akin to watching paint dry. From a teaching point of view, for Dave to teach so well speaks volumes of his ability.

I wish Dave had come along when I was doing my data science course last year.  It would have made things so much easier to understand."

- Len Kwok

From Excel to Machine Learning

Dave on Data was founded on the crazy idea that ANY professional can learn valuable data analysis skills.

Make no mistake, machine learning is not the sole purview of Data Analysts and Data Scientists. Machine learning skills are valuable to any professional:

[HR} - What factors are highly predictive of high performers?
[Product Management] - What feature usage(s) are highly predictive of a sticky customer?
[Customer Service] - What are the factors under customer service's control associated with CSAT?
[Marketing] - What are the demographic factors that predict conversion?

The list goes on.

Want to unlock the power of machine learning in your work?
Check out the From Excel to Machine Learning online course bundle.
"I completed David Langer's course, R Programming Made Easy. As a decision support analyst, I have a burning desire to solve more problems and not let the data scientists have all the fun. My first step on that path is familiarizing myself with one of the primary languages used in data science, R.

Dave's enthusiasm for data digging and problem-solving shine through in the videos.When I ran one section of code and looked at the results, I shouted, 'Whoa!' because of the implications.

So if you want to quickly get up to speed on the basics of R, I recommend Dave's 'R Programming Made Easy'. I will definitely be signing up for his future offerings."

- Ray Givler

"First, I'd like to thank Dave for the great effort he put on this course (Introduction to Machine Learning With R). For an introductory course, I found it very detailed and well explained. The methods he uses on teaching are just awesome and that makes the course way too easy to understand.

Dave is also very responsive and that just adds to the awesomeness. I honestly can't wait to take more courses with him. Also, the things you learn in this course are highly applicable in real life, and he makes the math to be so easy. If you are a beginner in this field, then this is the right place. If you are an experienced data scientist trying to do a refresher course, this is the right place too.

Keep up the good work Dave, I'm inspired. Thank you."

- Joseph Kamau

"After completing several Dave on Data classes, I share with you this short review.

Dave is a storyteller, his instructions and explanations are very clear, so important when it comes to teaching data analytics. Dave makes excellent use of analogy methods to illustrate lessons purpose and compare concepts present in the study cases.

Dave is available in case of questions, and Dave's answers will encourage you to push another door and keep on learning & practising.
As a student, I became more confident using R code. My skills improved, although I am not a Senior Programer or Business Intelligence Analyst."

- JM Herard

I'm Here to Help!

Over the years I have taught analytics to professionals from diverse roles and backgrounds. While the techniques I have taught are the same (e.g., the mighty random forest algorithm), the application of these techniques varies from professional to professional.

Different business problems. Different types of data. Different needs. 

Students of my online and live classes can now purchase 1-on-1 live sessions with me to help them apply what they've learned and have more business impact.

Would personalized analytics coaching accelerate achieving your career goals? Learn more about Dave on Data analytics coaching.

R Programming Made Easy

R programming is by far the easiest way for ANY professional to unlock advanced analytics.

To be clear, whether you work in HR, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Product Management, IT, whatever. Whether you have a coding background or not.

The video 👇 shows how your knowledge of Excel tables maps to R data frames.

Want to unlock advanced analytics in your work? Check out R Programming Made Easy.

Introduction to Machine Learning With R

Machine learning is a powerful tool for ANY professional to analyze business data.

By focusing on the right 20% of machine learning, Dave on Data can teach you disproportionately valuable machine learning skills.

The video 👇 show how classification decisions trees work in an intuitive manner.

You've got machine learning if you want it with Introduction to Machine Learning With R.

Your Instructor & Coach

Greetings! My name is Dave Langer and I am the instructor for Dave on Data .

I'm a hands-on analytics professional, having used my skills with Excel, SQL, and R to craft insights and shape company strategy.

I'm also a skilled educator, having trained 100s of working professionals during my time at Data Science Dojo and through my current work with Dave on Data and TDWI.

I've held analytics leadership roles at Schedulicity, Data Science Dojo, and Micorosft.